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PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player)
PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player) Phone App
Version 2.3.2
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The PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player) app we are assessing in this performance review is free to download at the relevant Android App store and will run on the standard Android operating system. Having achieved a huge amount of attention since its release, the people that have used PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player) felt that it offered an excellent solution when looking for a suitable app. With an Android size of 1.7MB, PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player) requires a very small amount of storage space, so don't worry too much about it affecting your mobile device's remaining capacity. Other popular apps that might interest you include Flud - Torrent Downloader, tTorrent Lite - Torrent Client, and MX Player.
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PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player) Phone Requirements
PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player) needs a phone that runs android but otherwise it only requires barely any processing power, a low quality GPU for the low-intensive graphics, and a very small amount of RAM. However it runs, the essential requirement is the 2.2 minimum Android version which requires a phone that has been released within the past few years.
The Acer Cloud Mobile matches the PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player) hardware specifications.
Android 2.2
Android Details
User Rating
4.5 (79,439 votes)
Content Rating
Medium Maturity
File Size
1.7 MB
Media & Video
5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Creator's Website
Store Link
Popular Phones Compatible with PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player)
Phone Requirement Score
Acer Cloud Mobile
Acer Liquid E1
Acer Liquid E2
Acer Liquid E3
Acer Liquid Metal
Acer Liquid Z110
Acer Liquid Z2
Acer Liquid Z4
Acer Liquid Z5
Acer Stream S110
Let's listen to music for free using PVSTAR+! Thanks for 5 million downloads! You can create and manage playlist for Youtube, DailyMotion videos and MV. Moreover, continuous playback, background playback, repeat playback are also supported. The main features are as follows. - Video search (YouTube, DailyMotion, NicoVideo, Vimeo) - Voice search - Search Youtube playlists - Search Youtube channels - Category Search - Playlist playback - Background playback - Repeat playback - Shuffle playback - Mylist (up to 100) - Wallpaper on Mylist - Backup Mylist - Edit video title and summary - Sleep Timer - Popular video ranking - Music mode - #NowPlaying, timeline playback on Twitter - Tweet video - Video cache function - Low quality mode (for slow networks) - Automatically stop when the earphone is disconnected. - Open in PVSTAR when you open the URL in other app. - Import playlists from Youtube or NicoVideo. - Viewing related videos - Widget - Bookmark function for playlists and channels - Keyword suggestion - Easy operation - System also supports Android 4/3 [Very easy operation] - Continuous playback of music ranking. Listen to popular songs at once! - Video search by artist. Selected from the search results, continuous playback! - By creating a mylist, you can assemble your own favorite album! Even a wallpaper can be set! - Play YouTube playlists directly. It's not necessary to create a mylist! - Playing in the background. You can listen while you work! [Also good in these scenarios] - Classification into a list of your favorite music videos, repeat playback. - You can play in the background, while you are out. Enjoy using your earphones! - Also convenient on your way to work or school. Play the mylist you created the day before. - Set the sleep timer before going to sleep. - Continuous playback of a playlist for videos of a series. - Also useful while driving. Please try to connect to the car audio system. Please find your own use case. [FAQ] Q. Playback is interrupted or stops. A. Usually a high network utilization, low signal strength, interference or insufficient bandwidth are responsible for playback problems. Check the current network status. Please also check if there is enough free memory for caching on the SD card. Q. Can not play in the background. A. This can be caused by wrong settings and/or other apps. Please exit other apps, it needs sufficient memory. http://sp.pvstar.dooga.org/apps/killer Q. Can not play at all. A. Please restart the android device and use the latest version of the app. Q. Other Inquiries A. Refer to the help and troubleshooting section, please check the method of operation. http://sp.pvstar.dooga.org/apps/help Please feel free to contact us. http://sp.pvstar.dooga.org/app_contacts [About permissions] - full Internet access For searching and gettin video information. - modify/delete SD card contents For video caching and wallpapers. - view network state For advertisement, for the selection of video quality. - prevent phone from sleeping For music playback. [Notice] - By specification, the playback is interrupted when returning from the background. - This app does video streaming. For streaming video playback, we recommend a highspeed network connection, such as Wi-Fi. (Works with 3G.) - Your playback may stop because of task killer and eco setting. Please turn disable task killer and eco setting. You may need to restart the device after changing these settings. - You can only watch videos compatible to the MP4 standard. - Due to a change in the specification of the video sites, you may not be able to view videos, temporarily. In that case, please wait for an update. Contact Us http://sp.pvstar.dooga.org/apps/help
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