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Shattered Planet
Shattered Planet Phone Game
Version 1.491
  • Free Version Available
Shattered Planet phone free game - can my phone or tablet play and run Shattered Planet icon
Shattered Planet phone free game - can my phone or tablet play and run Shattered Planet icon
The Shattered Planet app we are assessing in this performance review is free to download at the relevant Android & iOS App Stores and will run on the standard Android & iOS operating systems. Having achieved a small amount of attention since its release, the people that have used Shattered Planet felt that it offered a poor solution when looking for a suitable game.
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Shattered Planet Phone Requirements
Shattered Planet needs a phone that runs android or iOS but otherwise it only requires However it runs, the essential requirement is the 2.2 minimum Android version or the 7 minimum iOS version, which requires either a very recently released mobile device, or one that can be easily updated.
The Apple iPhone 5s 16 GB matches the Shattered Planet hardware specifications.
Android 2.2 / iOS 7
In 10,000 A.D., throughout their space colonies, humans have finally encountered a disease they cannot cure. The Blight consumes all light and life it contacts, and the only hope for humanity lies back on the abandoned home world, the remains of shattered Earth. A faint signal seems to push back the Blight — you must find its source, or die trying! The Blight is on your tail!
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