New Vertu Phone Could Boast Decent Hardware Specs

New Vertu Phone Could Boast Decent Hardware Specs Top Image

Chances are if you’re after a new phone, Vertu isn’t a company you’ve looked into much. The British, Nokia founded luxury phone company typically sells its handsets for several thousand dollars; 2013’s titanium and sapphire glass Vertu Ti retailed at $10,000. The company has also been known to create solid gold phones, among other things

Nokia sold the company back in 2012 (although retaining 10% of the shares), and it looks from new leaked specs of an upcoming Vertu model that the company might be about to focus more on internal specs than external luxury…

Whilst they’re most well known for their luxury skins and slick design, Vertu have often been decidedly low and middle-end when it came to the internals of its handsets. The glossy, impressive looking Vertu Ti may have been worth more than the entire worldly possessions of many people, but for a 2013 smartphone that 480x800 screen and dual-core processor was less than impressive.

But specs leaked for a model known as the “Signature Touch” could suggest this tendency is about to change. It might not exactly have the internals we’re expecting from the LG G3, but the Vertu Signature Touch is nonetheless a fairly high-end phone if these rumours are true. According to the leak, the handset will boast a 1080x1920 display with the powerful quad-core snapdragon 800 SoC at 2.3GHz, a reasonable 2GB RAM and a 13MP camera. Moreover, it will allegedly run the most up to date Android 4.4.2 KitKat and at least 16GB of internal memory.

Of course, even if Vertu does put out a relatively high-specced phone, that is by no means a guarantee that we won't also see it coated in diamonds and worth more than most houses. It's likely that this rumoured bump in specs - if it is true - will in part be a response to the ever growing quality of phone builds from flagships by HTC and the like.