Flappy Bird Creator Introduces Swing Copters, Hits iOS This Week

Flappy Bird Creator Introduces Swing Copters, Hits iOS This Week Top Image

Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen may have taken a short hiatus after the overwhelming success of Flappy Bird … well… overwhelmed him, but it seems he has now returned with an equally infuriating successor.

Swing Copters is a twitch reflex game with a virtually identical concept to Flappy Bird. It even has the same pixel graphics and extremely similar assets. although this time you move through obstacles vertically, rather than horizontally, with the character you control moving left to right.

Instead of a bird, you control a peculiar looking figure with a propeller attached to his head as he manoeuvres his way through some inconveniently located beams. Tapping the screen moves copterhead from left to right.

To further add to the frustration levels of the game, Swing Copters has included the addition of moving hammers, meaning it’s not only sufficient to avoid objects; now you have to time your ascent correctly to avoid the swinging lumps of pixellated metal, too. No doubt Nguyen’s latest title will once again be responsible for a slew of broken mobile phones as a result of rage and frustration.

Swing Copters is heading to iOS this Thursday, 21st of August. Like its predecessor, it’s free, with a 69p/ 99c in-app purchase if you want to get rid of advertisements. It has not yet been announced if Swing Copters will hit Android at all, but it’s pretty likely.