Rumor: iPhone 6 May Feature Curved Glass And Rounded Edges

Rumor: iPhone 6 May Feature Curved Glass And Rounded Edges Top Image

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we last brought you a healthy dose of iPhone 6 rumours, so we’re a little overdue for some speculation on Apple’s 2014 flagship.

This time, rumours coming from Japan suggest the iPhone 6 design will be a significant departure from current iPhone models. If the sources are correct, the new iPhone will have a curved, rather than an angular, design…

The iPhone 6 will sport a rounded chassis with curved display glass not unlike the design we saw on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, as well as possibly being a return to a design style more akin to the iPhone 3G. The design has also been likened to the Squair bumper case pictured below, which would introduce a very extreme degree of curvature into the iPhone 6 design.

If this speculation is correct, Apple's iPhone 6 could be a major deviation from the norm this year. 2014 flagships have typically had fairly squared off designs so far, with even the traditionally curved Samsung opting for a slightly more angular design with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The “curved glass” part of the rumour got us momentarily interested - we were imagining something along the lines of the LG G Flex - but alas, it seems that the glass curvature on the iPhone 6 will only be to help the screen sit comfortably on that alleged curved chassis, and will not be a convex panel.

So far, we’ve ascertained with reasonable certainty that the iPhone 6’s dimensions will fit a 4.7 inch screen, with rumours of a potential 5.5 inch iPhone 6 phablet as a second available model. We’ll update you with more information and rumours when we get them.