Nokia Camera Guru Ari Partinen Leaving For Apple

Nokia Camera Guru Ari Partinen Leaving For Apple Top Image

In the competitive world of mobile technology, having the right people delivering the right technology can give companies an edge when it comes to promoting its products.

With that in mind, it looks like it could be good news for Apple camera tech this week, as one of Nokia’s key players when it comes to mobile image technology is leaving the Finnish firm to go and work for Apple in Cupertino...

Ari Partinen is one of Nokia’s major innovators when it comes to cameras. He was one of the experts responsible for the Nokia N8, whose camera was leagues ahead of its time, and the critically acclaimed Nokia 808 PureView, whose 41MP beast of a camera still has the highest megapixel count on the market. Subsequent PureView phones from Nokia have also benefited from his expertise. However, Partinen announced today on Twitter that he would be leaving Nokia to go and work for Apple’s mobile technology division.

Nokia has been struggling to keep up with the major players in the Android and Apple smartphone markets in recent years, and its cameras have been one of the key things that continue to help the company stand out from the crowd. With Nokia’s devices and services division recently acquired by Microsoft, losing experts like Partinen won’t be ideal for Nokia. That being said, having some top talent on board at Apple could be great news for fans of the California based company, whose future iPhone models could be given extra polish with PureView-like camera tech.

The Apple iPhone 6 is expected to be the latest phone from Apple, and currently has an anticipated release window sometime in September. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds from Apple when it comes to photo technology.