Google Officially Increases Play Store Refund Window To Two Hours

Google Officially Increases Play Store Refund Window To Two Hours Top Image

Google has officially adjusted its Play Story refund policy to make it that little bit more user friendly for those of us predisposed to purchase regret. The Play Store’s refund window has expanded eight-fold, increasing on the previous 15 minute time period allowed between purchasing and asking for money back.

Google has now officially changed its policy to allow a more generous two hour time period to elapse before you can no longer ask for money back on a recently purchased app or game.

To request a refund, users can open the Google Play Store and visit My Apps. If a game has been purchased within the allotted time period, it will have a “refund” option available when selected. According to a number of users, Google unofficially increased the refund window to two hours last month, but now is the first time that the policy has become official.

The change means that, for those who want to gamble on downloading more expensive games or apps, there is now the option to play or use the purchased item for a short while before you need to decide if you want to commit to the payment. For more expensive games in particular, this could actually work in developers’ favors, effectively allowing users to “try before they buy” and possibly take risks on titles they may not have done previously.