Amazon Game Studios Reveals 3 Games For Fire Mobile Range

Amazon Game Studios Reveals 3 Games For Fire Mobile Range Top Image

Amazon Game Studios has revealed three new games that will be exclusive to the Fire mobile range of products. The Amazon Fire phone will exclusively get Til Morning’s Light, an action adventure game from WayForward Technologies, the studio behind BloodRayne: Betrayal and Mighty Switch Force. The phone-only title will be an adventure game in which players must escape a mansion invested by demons by solving puzzles, or else get locked inside forever.

Two other titles currently set for release on the Fire Tablet range are tower defence game CreepStorm developed by Happy Tuesday, and Tales From Dead Space from Frontier Developments. The latter of the two will be a platformer with a puzzle solving emphasis and a co-op mode gameplay. CreepStorm will give a twist to the traditional tower defense format by shifting the genre to cartoon horror in which the towers are vampire hunters taking on hordes of the undead.

Currently only advertised as tablet titles on the Fire range, it would be surprising if Amazon don’t follow up the release with versions of the games for mobile if they are well received, as it seeks to boost the popularity of the new Fire Phone.

Amazon will surely be looking to add anything to the Fire Phone’s repertoire of exclusive features that will be potentially luring customers away from other brands of smartphones following a launch of mixed reviews and less than impressive initial sales figures.