iPhone 6 Plus Sales Surge In Chinese Market Thanks To Demand For Larger Models

iPhone 6 Plus Sales Surge In Chinese Market Thanks To Demand For Larger Models Top Image

It looks like the “Bendgate” issues that hampered the iPhone 6 Plus on its launch haven't proved to have any lasting damage to the devices sales, thanks in large part to the impact the phone has had since launching in the Chinese market. The market share of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus has played out as Apple had predicted in the western markets with the standard iPhone 6 shipping the majority of the units whilst the Plus model shifts at a slower pace.

However the Chinese market is currently playing out very differently to the marked trend that Apple has seen in the west. In the past few years larger screens have become increasingly popular in the Chinese market and this trend shows no sign of stopping with the launch of the new iPhone 6 Plus.

Such is the demand for the larger model with it’s 5.5” screen in China that Apple is considering shifting the ratio of its production from it’s original alignment of 70:30 in favour of the 4.7” screen iPhone 6, to a much closer 55:45 balance.

Across the board the demand for iPhones is outstripping the supply. Currently waiting lists for iPhone orders put the waiting time for the standard model at 7-10 days, whilst the Plus will be a wait of 3-4 weeks. Both models are lagging behind demand, but the appeal of the iPhone Plus has been underestimated significantly by Apple.

Due to the Chinese market, some analysts predict that eventually the market could swing to a 60:40 ratio in favour of the iPhone 6 Plus over the smaller iPhone 6. Such is the demand for the iPhone Plus in China that there have been reports of phone shops having an in-store tailor on hand to adjust the size of customers pockets to accommodate the larger models.